Chiricahuas - The Land of the Apache
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Cherry Cows Flutes

If you are looking for Yucca Flutes, I will be making some this winter.

Send me a message on the 'Contact Me' page and I'll get in touch with you.

Prices will range from $150 - $200.

I have reduced the number of flutes that I make to only about a dozen per year.  Take a look at the ones that are displayed below to get and idea of the type of flutes that I make.

If you want me to make a flute for you, go ahead and send me a message by filling in the form on the '

'Contact Me' page.

Mid-range flutes (C#, C, B, Bb, A, G#, G) = $390

(F#, F, E, Eb, D) = $440

Big Bore = $490

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All of the following flutes are from the ki-e-ta 'Kokolina' Signature Collection.  Every flute features the trademark 'Desert Wild-Pig' as it's Fetish-block.


Here are some flutes that I have made.

They are now in the hands of others .

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Birdseye Maple

Close-up showing the much desired 'birds-eye' markings.

Tiger Lyptus

Lytus is a very unique wood.
Flutes made of Lyptus are not often found.

Black Walnut - 'D'

Walnut is a solid, warm wood and is great to make a flute out of. 
This one has some interesting black streaks in it.

Cactus Poplar - 'E'

How cool is this....a flute made of Poplar, yet it looks like
it was made out of a desert agave cactus stalk.

Here is a close up of that desert agave cactus effect. 





Purple Poplar

Red Oak

White Oak

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This was my rattlesnake flute!

This flute had a LEOPARDWOOD top that looks like scales


and a CHERRYWOOD bottom with lots

 of grain giving the appearance of
 theViper's typical underbellie.


 All of my Flutes have a 30 day guarantee.  You can return them for a full refund of the price.  That gives you a chance to 'try' it out before deciding if this is the Flute for you.  In addition, all of my flutes have a five-year 100% warranty on workmanship.  If the sound fails in any way, return it and I'll fix it.

 Shipping & Handling is only $20, regardless of how many flutes are in your order.

Click on the 'contact me' button for directions on buying a CherryCows Flute.